Peak Demand Shaving

VLI-EV's Systems with it's super long life batteries store electric energy at the distributed locations when the facility is in low demand and dispatches energy when in high demand, this reduces the overall peak demand level. The management of demand and energy is automatically and remotely performed while optimizing the most energy efficient levels.

There are demand peaks every days at a facility depending on the operations and equipment. Demand charges are calculated and billed based on the highest level of the month. VLI-EV Systems set the target reduced level and manage energy and power charge and discharge level to and from the Intelligent Energy Storage System.

VLI-EV (Variable Load Integrator)


Every client has different energy and demand profiles and characteristics. VLI-EV analyzes demand and energy profiles and characteristics together with the clients by reviewing the data, makes most efficient proposals, installs and operates.

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